Handheld Augmented Reality

by Tassio Knop


Augmented Reality for mobile devices is very challenging and interesting task. Mobile phones have direct impact on the way the society interacts with the world nowadays. The study of the amount of information which is available through a mobile phone and the way one can interact with it is a great topic to explore. This work explores some possibilities of inserting virtual text and objects into real scenes.
An Augmented Reality application was developed for the Nokia N900, using ARToolKitPlus and Qt, and the results are shown below. It was developed as a final project for the course of 3D Graphics Systems: behind the scenes of programmable pipelines, instructed by Luiz Velho at IMPA, from March to June 2011.


.pdf file, 3.9 MB


.avi video, 34.4 MB

Source Code

You can download the source code here.
It is a Qt project, configured to compile for and run on a N900 device, i.e., a Maemo/Linux operating system.
This code uses ARToolkitPlus, which can be found here.
Feel free to modify and redistribute it.