Measure Theory and Integration 2020

Milton Jara
Last updated: 10/09/2020

Teaching Assistant: Cristian González

Video Lectures

The course will be based on the video lectures by Claudio Landim. Students are expected to watch the lectures in advance. There are 32 video lectures, corresponding to each of the 32 online meetings.

Oral examinations

Evaluation will be based on oral examinations. Before each online meeting, a few students will be selected at random for an oral examination. All students must be present at that time, since no shows will count as a failed exam.

Online meetings

Meetings will be held online, on Google Meet and/or Zoom platforms. The link for the meeting will appear HERE before each class. Pay attention to use the correct link each time.

T.A. meetings

T.A. meeting will be held online. The link for the meeting will appear HERE.


The missing lecture of 29/08 has been rescheduled for 18/09 at 09h00.


Measure Theory is one of the most classical subjects in mathematics. Therefore, there are plenty of nice books covering the topics of the course. Feel free to find a book that suits you the best. The video lectures have the style of

  • Taylor, S.J.: Introduction to Measure and Integration.
The online meetings will have the style of
  • Taylor, M.E.: Measure Theory and Integration

with a little touch of probability theory.