Mikhail Belolipetsky

IMPA - Instituto Nacional de Matematica Pura e Aplicada
Estrada Dona Castorina, 110
22460-320 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

office:  407
tel:   +55-21-2529-5207
fax:  +55-21-2512-4115
mail:  mbel [at] impa [dot] br


   I am a researcher at IMPA (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). My main mathematical interests spread between geometry and algebra. I am particularly interested in studying geometric and topological properties of arithmetic groups and associated spaces. You can find more information about my work at the research page. Before coming to Rio I was a lecturer at Durham University and postdoctoral fellow in Jerusalem and Bonn. I did my PhD in Novosibirsk where I have also been working at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics.