Henrique Bursztyn

  Pesquisador Titular
  Post:   IMPA - Instituto Nacional de Matematica Pura e Aplicada
             Estrada Dona Castorina 110
             Rio de Janeiro, 22460-320
  Office: 420, and this is the view
  Phone: +55-21-25295220
  Fax: +55-21-2512 4115
  Email address: henrique [at] impa [dot] br

Math and Research

I received a PhD degree from the Department of Mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley in May 2001 under the supervision of Alan Weinstein. Since then I have held post-doctoral positions at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley (2001-2002), and at the University of Toronto (2002-2005) and Fields Institute (2004-2005). I have also held short-term visiting positions in various places .

My mathematical interests include symplectic geometry, Poisson structures and related geometries (Dirac structures, Courant algebroids, generalized complex geometry...), Lie theory (involving Lie algebroids and groupoids), noncommutative geometry and deformation quantization.


Current Teaching (Ago-Nov, 2021)

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