Organizers: Simon Griffiths (PUC-Rio), Rob Morris (IMPA), Roberto I. Oliveira (IMPA), and Bruce Reed (CNRS/McGill/IMPA).

There has been explosive growth in the field of graph theory over the last fifty years. This is in part due to the increasing number of large and complex networks which technological developments allow and require mankind to design, analyze, and construct. It is also in part due to the theoretical developments which allow mathematicians to analyze such large complex networks: Szemerédi’s Regularity Lemma, New Models for Random Graphs and Processes, and Structural Decompostion Theorems.

This thematic program will provide graph theorists with an opportunity to collaborate, forge new connections, and learn about recent progress in the area. It will feature courses and workshops on Extremal and Structural Combinatorics and Graphs and Randomnesss.

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