The BluesMachine iPhone and iPod Touch App

BluesMachine is a multi-touch guitar-like user interface for 12-bar Blues improvisation.

Explaining MULTI-TOUCH: BluesMachine can sound up to 2 improvisation notes at the same time.

Explaining GUITAR-LIKE USER INTERFACE: BluesMachine's Blues scale is derived from the one on the guitar fingerboard. But (and this is an important point) notes out of the scale are not accessible.

Explaining 12-BAR BLUES IMPROVISATION: You will improvise over a 12-bar Blues accompaniment of (optionally) bass and drums, whose chord progression you can select from a list of 3 very classic ones.


  1. Key: 12 options, from C to B.
  2. Tempo: from 60 BPM to 140 BPM.
  3. Turnarounds: from 0 (which means just one series of 12 bars) to 9.
  4. Chord progression: 3 options available.
  5. Bass: switch turn-on / turn-off.
  6. Drums: switch turn-on / turn-off.

To learn about the BluesMachine's blues scale, click the app's info button.

For comments, suggestions and questions, please send an e-mail to cicconet[at]me[dot]com.

BluesMachine is a small version of a project presented as Talk & Poster at the SIGGRAPH 2009 conference in New Orleans.

Does it sounds good? If so, download the BluesMachine from the iPhone App Store!