Program for Visitors

IMPA has a broad program for visiting researchers, comparable to those of the best international research centers. The high-level joint scientific research projects developed with visiting researchers at IMPA, both from Brazil and abroad, have made a valuable contribution to the stimulating environment that the Institute offers students of all levels, especially its Ph.D. students.

IMPA keeps up a steady interchange with researchers from Brazilian universities, thus contributing to the progress of mathematical research in our country. In addition, IMPA, its researchers and students benefit from the frequent presence of these national researchers. As a result, every year a significant number of Post Doctoral fellowship students from other universities come to study at IMPA for periods ranging from 6 months to a year and these fellowships may be extended for periods of up to 2 years.

The normal procedure for initiating a scientific visit to IMPA begins with contacts made to (a) researcher(s) nearest to one’s research field.
Once the existence of common interests is confirmed, the applicant is requested to fill out the following form.

The Scientific Activities Commission (Comissão de Atividades Científicas - CAC) will evaluate the application and get in touch with the candidate to program his/her visit.

IMPA does not have the means to fund long-term visits, but once approved by CAC, the applicant can apply for financial aid from a financing agency (CNPq, FAPERJ, CAPES).