IMPA hosts a number of international events throughout the year. In such meetings it receives world renowned specialists who interact with local researchers and students on topics that are on the forefront of modern mathematical sciences.


January - February 2006 Post-Doctoral Program
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, January 2 - February 28

School and Workshop on Dynamical Systems
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, January 16 - 27

II Brazilian School of Differential Equations
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, January 23 - 27

Mathematical Methods and Modeling of Biophysical Phenomena
Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, March 5 - 11

Foundations of Computer Science Workshop: Combinatorial Algorithms and Discrete Structures
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, April 10 - 13

Seventh International Meeting on High Performance Computing for
Computational Science

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, July 10 - 12

2006 IMS Annual Meeting & X Brazilian School of Probability
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, July 30 - August 04

International Congress on Mathematical Physics - ICMP 2006
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, August 6 - 13

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