Maximizing Measures, Subactions,Large Deviations
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Wild Lorenz Like Attractors
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Invariants Varieties for Relay Systems
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Living in Dimension 1 under the class C²
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The Rovella Attractor is a Homoclinic Class
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New Cr Structures on Papers Surfaces
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High Dimension Diffeomorphism Exhibiting Infinitely Many Strange Attractors
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Centralizer of C1 Generic Diffeomorphism
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Chaos and Complexity
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More Limit Cycles than Expected in Lienard Equations
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Prime Ends and Homoclinic Orbits for Geodesic and Contact Flows
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Monodromy in Itegrable and Almost Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
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Nonlocal Instability of the Planar 3 Body Problem
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Thermodynamic Formalism for Non-Uniformly Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems
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Henon Renormalization
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Advanced Statistical Properties for Dispersing Billiards
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Uniquely Maximizing Measures
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Mañé, The Explosion of Singular-Cycles and other Histories
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Explicit Representatives of Extended Rauzy classes
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On the Method of Minimal Rambling Sets of Liao
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C2-generically the 2-sphere has an elliptic closed geodesic
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On a Conjecture of A. Katok
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Lines of mean and principal curvature: local and global aspects
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The sum of digits of prime numbers
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Hopf Bifurcation at Infinite for Planar Vector Fields
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Hyperbolic structures for non-uniformly hyperbolic diffeomorphisms: existence and consequences
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Generalized dimensions and complexity functions of infinite sequences
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Absolutely continuous invariant measures for maps with some expansion
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On Birkhoff's Theorems for Lagrangian, invariant tori with closed orbits
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Robustly Expansive Codimension-One Homonoclinic Classes are Hiperbolic
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