Scientific Initiation

In preparation for its Graduate Courses, IMPA offers a Scientific Initiation program with the following aims:

The program receives the support of CNPq’s Institutional Scientific Initiation Scholarship Program (PIBIC) that awards scholarships at IMPA annually in August. Scientific Initiation scholarships are granted to students with outstanding academic records. Students interested in applying for this program should submit the necessary credentials found listed in the PIBIC scholarship announcement, generally published in April of each year. Scholarship students are required to attend at least one Scientific Initiation course offered in the IMPA course program or participate in a project with an advisor. Additional information on scholarships is available at the Academic Center (Coordenação de Ensino).

The aim of the Scientific Initiation courses is both to awaken and to evaluate vocations, complementing the basic undergraduate training of students in order to ensure higher achievement in graduate level Mathematics courses. On occasion, such courses may be used to fill gaps in the academic formation of applicants for Master’s programs. However, Scientific Initiation courses do not count as Graduate credit work.