1 - Papers Gerais

Pattern Theory: the Mathematics of Perception, 
ICM 2002 · Vol. III · 1-3, David Mumford

Machine Learning for Computer Graphics: A Manifesto and A Tutorial

 An Introduction to the Kalman Filter, Gary Bishop and Greg Welch


2 - Image Processing

2.1 - Quantization (K-Means)

Verevka and J.W. Buchanan:
Local K-means Algorithm for color image quantization. Proc. of GI'95 Quebec, Canada (1995).

2.2 - Wavelets

J. Romberg, H. Choi, R. Baraniuk, N. Kingsbury, 
Hidden Markov Tree Models for Complex Wavelet Transforms, 
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, (Unpublished, May, 2002).

J. Romberg, H. Choi, R. Baraniuk,
Bayesian Tree-Structured Image Modeling  using Wavelet Domain Hidden Markov Models

2.3 - Texture Synthesis (Non-Parametric / Markov Fields)

Texture Synthesis via a Noncausal Nonparametric Multiscale Markov Random Field

A. Efros and T. Leung.
Texture synthesis by Non-parametric sampling. ICCV 99.

2.4 - Compositing

A Bayesian Approach to Digital Matting, R. Szeliski

I.J. Computer Vision


3 - Vision

3.1 - Tracking / Condensation
Michael Isard and Andrew Blake
CONDENSATION -- conditional density propagation for visual tracking Int. J. Computer Vision, 29, 1, 5--28, (1998)

3.2 - Natural Images
Erik Reinhard, Peter Shirley, and Tom Troscianko,
"Natural image statistics for computer graphics", University of Utah tech report UUCS-01-002, March 2001

3.3 - SegmentationŽ(Mean-Shift)
D. Comanicu, P. Meer:
"Mean shift: A robust approach toward feature space analysis." IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Machine Intell., 24, 603-619, May 2002

3.3 - Faces
Recosntructing the Complete 3D Shape of Faces from Partial Information, Volker Blantz, Thomas Vetter

4 - Modeling

4.1 - Statistical Point Geometry

Statistical Point Geometry, A. Kalaiah and A. Varshney 
Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing

4.2 -  Shape Grammars


Topological Stochastic Grammars, Michael Adler


4.3 -  Mesh Statistics


On the Optimality of Spectral Compression of Meshes
Craig Gotsman (preprint)

5 - Animation

5.1 Style Machines

M. Brand and A. Hertzmann. Style Machines. SIGGRAPH 2000

5.2 Motion Textures

H. Shum, Motion Texture: A Two-Level Statistical Model for Character Motion Synthesis

6 - Rendering

6.1 Distributed Ray Tracing

R.Cook, T.Porter, L.Carpenter, Distributed Ray Tracing, 
Proc. of SIGGRAPH 84, p165-174, 1984.

R. Cook, Stochastic sampling in computer graphics
ACM Transactions on Computer Graphics, 5(1), pp. 51-72, Jan 1986

6.2 - Monte-Carlo Paths

Eric Veach and Leonidas J. Guibas. Metropolis Light Transport. SIGGRAPH 97

6.3 - Randomized Visibility

Michael Wand, The Randomized z-Buffer Algorithm: Interactive Rendering of Highly Complex Scenes

7 - Video

7.1 - Linear Dynamic Systems

G. Doretto, P. Pundir, Y. Wu, S. Soatto. Dynamic textures. ICCV 2001