Welcome to My Website

Currently I'm a masters student at Instituto Nacional de Matematica Pura e Aplicada (IMPA). In this page I'll publish some of the things I'm working on, such as current and past projects, materials related to courses and other stuff.

I created the popular math site intuitive-calculus.com. As of this writing (2015), the site has around 15 thousand visitors per month.

I studied electric and electronic engineering at Catholic University in Paraguay. Since 2014 I've been on the Masters in Computational Mathematics and Modelling program at IMPA, in Rio de Janeiro.

I have interest in applied math, fluid mechanics and computer graphics. I have a scholarship awarded by ANP (National Petroleum Association).

Below are some of the highlights of my past work.


Diagnostic of Transformers Using Frequency Response

This was the final project for my engineering degree. I created a software that helps detect possible failures in power transformers by studying its frequency response. It uses a mathematical model of the transformer.


The Chipa Machine

This is the world's first and only chipa automatic packaging machine. It was completelly designed, built and programmed by my team of four students.


Intuitive Calculus

In this site I try to teach the basics of calculus using intuitive ideas. The site has more than 100 pages of content, and thousands of visitors every month.


Perturbation of Singular Traveling Waves

This is the subject of my masters research. I'll post progress on this page.


2D Fluid Simulator

A 2D Fluid Simulator I developed in Java.


Visualization of Implicit Surfaces Using Marching Cubes

Part of a project for a 3D Graphics Systems course.


Visualization of Algebraic Surfaces Using Ray Tracing

Project for a numerical analysis course at IMPA.