My area of research is dynamical systems and ergodic theory, more specifically in hyperbolic dynamics. I work in problems related to Lyapunov exponents, linear cocycles, non-uniform and partial hyperbolicity.
I graduated as P.h.D. at IMPA (Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics) at Rio de Janeiro under the supervision of Marcelo Viana.



A Livsic theorem for matrix cocycle over non-uniformly hyperbolic systems.

(with Lucas Backes), Journal of Dynamics and Diferential Equations (2018) arxiv

Geometric growth for Anosov maps on the 3 torus.

Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society (2018) link

Stably positive Lyapunov exponents for symplectic linear cocycles over partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms.

Discrete and Continous Dynamical Systems (2018) link arxiv

The set of fiber bunched cocycles with non-vanishing Lyapunov exponents over a partially hyperbolic map is open

(with Lucas Backes and Adriana Sanchez) to appear in Mathematical Research Letters(2017) (link to arxiv)

Continuity of Lyapunov exponents is equivalent to continuity of Oseledets subspaces

(with Lucas Backes) Stochastic and Dynamics 17, 1750047 (2017)link

Simple Lyapunov Spectrum for linear cocycles over certain partially hyperbolic maps

(with Marcelo Viana), Nonlinearity (2018) link

Simplicity of Lyapunov spectrum for linear cocycles over non-uniformly hyperbolic systems

(with Lucas Backes and Paulo Varandas) Ergodic theory and dynamical systems (2019) link


On the genericity of positive exponents of conservative skew products with two-dimensional fibers

(with Davi Obata), preprint (2018).arxiv

Random product of quasi-periodic cocycles

(with Jamerson Bezerra), preprint (2019).arxiv

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Université PARIS SUD.
F-91405 Orsay Cedex, France

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