VIDEO4D Project


IMPA: National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics
VISGRAF: Vision and Computer Graphics Lab


1) VIDEO4D project research team:

        Coordinators:  Marcelo Bernardes Vieira and Luiz Velho, IMPA

                                Collaborators at IMPA:  Asla Sá, Paulo Cezar Carvalho and Sérgio Estevão


                            - David da Silva Pires and Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior, Universidade de São Paulo

                                Deformable connected components detection


                            - Ya Chang and Matthew Turk, University of California, Santa Barbara

                               Analysis and synthesis of facial expressions


VIDEO4D concept:  A 4-dimensional video can be though as "general 3D objects changing in time".  More specifically, a 4D video can represent objects, embedded in volumes, varying by any form in function of some independent variable. As a concept, no restrictions on the objects are imposed. However, its architecture involves several issues: storage, expressivity (what can be represented), transmission, scalability, compatibility, etc.


VIDEO4D file format: The current version of Video4D File (.v4d) is still a prototype that was developed to exchange the data obtained from our camera/projector real-time scanning system. This system is part of the project "4th Generation Video" and is being developed at IMPA with financial support from FINEP/Brazil.



2) V4DVIEWER application:

    This application is intended to be an example of Video4dfile.c and Video4dFile.h usage for reading .v4d files. It also shows one simple example of how can we process Video4D objects: it detects geometrically connected components. This application has tools for full navigation in .V4D files:

Disclaimer: this is an ongoing scientific project. Authors reserve the right to change the .V4D format as needed along the project's development.


System requirements:

    Platform: Intel Pentium + Windows

    Graphics Library: OpenGL (accelerated graphics card highly recommended)
    Compiler: Microsoft Visual C 6.0


    PLY library: Diego Nehab's Rply library


Download V4DVIEWER source code and executable: 

             v4dviewer executable file      v4dviewer source code


Download Video4d files (zipped .v4d):   (click images to enlarge)


    - Smile  (20Mb)                 - Smile's frame in PLY format




 - Bunny  (69Mb)






 - Walking around  (79Mb)







- Face and mouth movement (48Mb)






 - Moving face (76Mb)






Download face expressions (.v4d):

                       - Side views (zipped .v4d files)

                       - Subject 1 (zipped .v4d files)

                       - Subject 2 (zipped .v4d files)

                       - Subject 3 (zipped .v4d files)

                       - Subject 4 (zipped .v4d files)

                       - Subject 5 (zipped .v4d files)

                       - Subject 6 (zipped .v4d files)

                       - Subject 7 (zipped .v4d files)


Copyright © 2004-2005 Marcelo Bernardes Vieira and Luiz Velho (IMPA - Brazil)