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Lecture notes for course on Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos at the Brazilian Colloquium of Mathematics

I am Pesquisador Associado (Associate Professor) at IMPA (Institudo Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada). My research topics are probability theory and mathematical physics. More precisely I have been interested in the study of Anderson localization, Disordered pinning models, Random interfaces, Directed polymer, Percolation, Out-of-equilibrium Dynamics and Multiplicative Chaos. You'll find on this page miscellaneous informations concerning my research and teaching activities.

I am currently serving as an associate editor of for the following publications:

Annales Henri Lebesgue, a recently created open access electronic journal.
Electronic Journal/Communications in Probability (also open acess).


Estrada Dona Castorina 110
Rio de Janeiro / Brasil 22460-320
tel: +55 21 2529 5118
e-mail: lacoin "arobase" impa.br