Long courses

There will be two long courses running through January and February, as part of IMPA’s yearly summer school:

Both courses will cover a range of topics in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics.

One course will focus will be an Introduction to Combinatorics. The other course, Topics in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics, will cover a number of more advanced topics. Within these courses there will be week-long courses on the probabilistic method, given by Joel Spencer, and Compex Graphs and Networks, given by Remco van der Hofstad.

Each course will have six hours of lectures per week. The courses will be partially taught using the Moore Method so 2-3 hours of this time will be devoted to the instructor leading discussions on questions that students have worked on outside of class time. Students must have had a course in graph theory to register for these courses. Students are free to decide whether to take one or both courses. During March, there will be the opportunity for students who took these courses, and other young researchers with the appropriate background to meet together to work on open problems in these areas under the supervision of more senior researchers.

Scholarships of 2000 Reais per month for the 3 months of the program can be applied for. However, the application for funding for March, which focuses more explicitly on research, is handled separately. You may apply to both!

Apply for a scholarship for January and February via IMPA’s normal summer school application procedure.

To apply for a research scholarship for March: send an e-mail to before November 10th with "March Application" as the subject line, and please attach to the e-mail a one-page CV. In addition, ask your supervisor to send a brief letter of support discussing your experience and explaining why you would benefit from the program. This letter should be sent to the same e-mail address and with subject line "Letter in support of (Candidate name)".

Short courses

A few minicourses will also be offered during our workshops. Details will be added in due course.