1) Motion Photography

Motion Blur Strobe Photography Light Painting [1]
spherePermanentLight.png sphereFlash.png sphereLightPlusFlash.png

2) PBRT Dynamic Features: AnimatedTransform

Translation Rotation
killeroos2.png blueSpheres.png

3) Motion in Ray Tracing

Distributed Ray Tracing [2] Multidimensional Adaptative Sampling [3]
killeroos2.png blueSpheres.png

[1] Fredo Duran. Painting with Light .

[2] Cook, Robert L. and Porter, Thomas and Carpenter, Loren. Distributed ray tracing.SIGGRAPH 1984.

[3] Hachisuka, Toshiya and Jarosz, Wojciech and Weistroffer, Richard Peter and Dale, Kevin and Humphreys, Greg and Zwicker, Matthias and Jensen, Henrik Wann. Multidimensional adaptive sampling and reconstruction for ray tracing .SIGGRAPH 2008.