PhD student in Applied Mathematics at IMPA, in Visgraf Lab
   Advisor: Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
   Co-advisor: Asla Medeiros e Sá

Current research: Tilings with regular polygons
Interests: tilings / geometric processing / 3D modeling and printing / math education and communication / visual arts and music.



math education & communication

visual arts & music

Last activities

[11/2018] Live Coding, hands on workshop
Imaginary Conference 2018, Montevideo, Uruguauy
[10/2018] Synthesizing periodic tilings of regular polygons [slides · demo]
Proceedings of SIBGRAPI 2018, with Asla Medeiros e Sá & Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
[10/2018] International School on Graphics and Geometry Processing for Digital Manufacturing
Italian Chapter of EUROGRAPHICS

PhD courses

  • Deep Learning
  • Geometric Processing
  • Topics in Mesh Generation
  • Parallelism in modern architectures
  • Image Processing
  • 3D Graphics systems
  • 2D Computer Graphics
  • Optimization
  • Computer methods in Optimization
  • Linear Algebra and applications