Invited Talks

Carolina B. Araujo (Princeton) Kähler-Einstein Metrics for some Complex Algebraic Surfaces
Isabel Bermejo (Tenerife) Saturation index and Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
Marc Chardin (Paris VII, Jussieu) Blow-up algebras and free resolutions of residual intersections
Flávio Ulhoa Coelho (USP) Two-sided gluing of tilted algebras
Severino Collier Coutinho (UFRJ - UB) On the density of algebraic foliations without algebraic solutions
Michael A. Dokuchaev (USP) Partial actions, partial group rings and crossed products
Eduardo Esteves (IMPA) Limit linear systems and ramification points
Vitor de Oliveira Ferreira (USP - SC) Firs under field extensions
Miguel Ferrero (UFRGS) Strongly Rings and Ideals
Antonio Giambruno (Palermo) Algebras with polynomial identities and codimension growth
Hemar Godinho (UnB) Additive forms over p-adic numbers
Jairo Zacarias Goncalves (USP) Free unit groups in algebras
Barry William Green (Stellenbosch) Recent results on liftings of galois covers of smooth curves
John Groves (Melbourne) Modules over free nilpotent groups
Chat Ho (Florida) Collineation groups of translation planes and linear groups
Masaki Homma (Kanagawa) Conics with a Hermitian curve
Orlando Stanley Juriaans (USP) Structure theorems in algebras and applications to group and semi group rings
Takao Kato (Yamaguchi) Martens' Dimension Theorem for Curves of Even Gonality
Plamen Emilov Kochloukov (UNICAMP) Polynomial identities in algebras over infinite fields
Daniel Levcovitz (USP - SC) Differential simplicity and algebraic independence of power series
Arnaldo Mandel (USP) Free groups generated by transvections
Eduardo Nascimento Marcos (USP) Koszul modules and modules with linear presentation
Jorge Vitório Pereira (IMPA) Hilbert modular foliations in the projective plane
Alexander Prestel (Konstanz) Fields with universal Local--Global--Principles and relatively projective profinite groups
Francesco Russo (UFPE) Projectively rational varieties
René Schoof (Roma II) Arakelov class groups of number fields
Mazi Shirvani (Alberta) Metabelain and free subgroups in division rings
Said Najati Sidki (UnB) Groups generated by finite automata
Pavel Shumyatsky (UnB) Varieties related to the Restricted Burnside Problem
Aron Simis (UFPE) On monomial ideals and subalgebras
Douglas Ulmer (Arizona) Elliptic curves over function fields
Pavel Zaleski (UnB) Virtually Projective Groups